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A few ideas for framing photography


A reeded frame
An old sailing sloope in a 2" wide reeded frame hangs behind the model of a utility boat


Cherry and white gold leaf frames
A pair of small format photographs in narrow Cherry and white gold leaf frames


Walnut frame
A classic 3/4" wide by 1 1/2" deep dark Walnut frame surrounds this vintage print
Tarnished Silver leaf frame

Tarnished Silver frame

Tarnished silver leaf step frames for mid-century photographs


When it comes to framing photographs clean simple lines work best as do white and off white mats. 8 ply bevels add an elegant touch especially if you use a narrow frame; and, if you are going to use a narrow frame, make sure it is deep enough to include a wood strainer support.

I prefer plexiglas to glass, but if reflection is an issue, Tru-Vue Museum glass does a nice job of eliminating glare.

A properly framed photograph will last for ages.

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