Architectural Picture Framing

New Castle Showroom

"less is more"

Using basic rules of scale and proportion, we create frames of extreme clarity and beauty. Wood, metal and lucite come together with stains, lacquer and gold leaf to strike the right balance between the art of the frame and the free flowing expression of art.

We understand the artwork you display is an integral part of interior design; it amplifies tastefulness and lifestyle. Our goal is to design enduring picture frames that compliment you as well as your art.


In 2016 Acanthus & Reed moved to an elegant new showroom and state of the art framing studio in historic New Castle, Delaware.

We continue to make custom frames for all our New York area clients through a unique shop at home service that brings the selection process to you. It is a process that allows us to do what we do best - discuss, design and deliver exceptional frames for your artwork.

We invite you to start this process by using your smart phone to text or email a picture of the piece you want to frame. We will contact you to go over the project and make recommendations based on your expectations. Then we’ll send images of a few frame ideas and arrange to meet, at your convenience, with the samples you like.

You don't need hundreds of corner samples to find the right frame. Our experience gives us the perspective to pre-select the appropriate frames for your artwork. While there is never just one correct way to frame a picture, there are many ways to get it wrong. With gentle guidance and common sense, you'll choose a frame that works for you, fits your budget and suits your artwork.

Join your fellow art lovers who have already taken advantage of this exciting new service. Safe, convenient and without pick up, delivery or consultation fees, shopping on your turf is a smart way to choose your next picture frame.

Call or text: 212.628.9290